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2nd sketch trade with Miey! I end up finish it today before sleep skdfsdf also end up adding a collapsed building for the bg— 

Sketch trade with Miey

Haven’t draw Scarlet digitally for while and i’m really happy to draw her again! Badass gal (*´▽`*)


2nd sketch trade with Nami! I thought that using marker tools would suit this scene more~

Ahhhhhhhh really love the concept in this and everything really look so warm with the colors and everything ksdjfdfg sobs THANK YOUUUU


Sketch trade with Nami! 

SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSS I got to see Namito in Miey’s style. He look so bishie and that apple kiss ksdjfksdfg GOODNESS MIEY MY KOKORO WENT BOOM.

THank you so much skdjfksdfg OMG WEEPS AT SCREEN


I decided to redraw genderbend Kirigiri and Nanami once again after a year.


Doodle of Kirigiri Kyouko genderbend! The design made by Kei-chan

Doodle of Nanami Chiaki!

Rest of DR OC Profile i did for others!

Daisuke belongs to Si

Masahiko and Sayuri belongs to Aya

Flora belongs to me

Doodle i did last night for OC Art Meme that was pick by others on my FB artpage!

1) Lia Annabelle with her favorite animal, rabbit
2) Sean Sylar as a kid
3) Akira Daichi making 3 expressions